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Below are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers,hopefully you will find what you are looking for

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"FAQ Help and Support"

Below are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers,hopefully you will find what you are looking for.

Most nationalities require a visa to enter Egypt as a tourist. Visas are easily attainable on arrival at Cairo airport for most nationalities for US$15 paid in cash, but please check with your travel agent or embassy before departure. On arrival at Cairo airport you buy your visa at any of the banks before proceeding to immigration. You'll be given a stamp that you then need to put into your passport yourself. A single entry visa is valid for three months from date of issue and entitles the bearer to one month in Egypt. Multiple entry visas are not available at the airport or any border crossings.


Internet access in Egypt is growing, with internet cafes and Wi-Fi hot spots becoming increasingly more common in large cities, especially Cairo

Mobile phone coverage is good in Egypt, especially in large cities. Coverage may not be available in more remote areas, especially if travelling through the desert. Ensure you have global roaming activated with your mobile carrier before you leave home if you wish to use your mobile while in Egypt.

Major credit cards are widely accepted in tourist shopping areas and large hotels, but are less commonly accepted by smaller vendors in remote towns and rural areas. Make sure you carry enough cash for purchases since credit cards aren't always an option in Egypt.

ATMs are common in large cities such as Cairo and Alexandria and are found in and near shopping centres, tourist areas and 5-star hotels. ATMs are far less common in rural areas and smaller towns so you're advised to be prepared for this by having enough cash before travelling out of the city.

Absolutely. All passengers travelling with Intrepid are required to purchase travel insurance before the start of their trip. Your travel insurance details will be recorded by your leader on the first day of the trip. Due to the varying nature, availability and cost of health care around the world, travel insurance is very much an essential and necessary part of every journey.

7 Jan Eastern / Coptic Christmas

25 Jan 25th of January Revolution - Police Day

16 Apr Coptic Easter

17 Apr Sham El Nessim

25 Apr Sinai Liberation Day 

1 May Labor Day

25 Jun Eid El Fitr *

26 Jun Eid El Fitr *

23 Jul Revolution Day

31 Aug Wakfet Arafat

1 Sep Eid El Adha *

2 Sep Eid El Adha *

21 Sep Islamic New Year

6 Oct Armed Force Day

30 Nov Prophet Mohamed's Birthday *

* subject to changes

Egypt is very safe to visit and the police, tourist police and army are in prominence wherever you go, giving you a feel of being in secure surroundings. Egypt prides itself on its high safety record for tourists and will do all it can to maintain this.

Usually you need to apply to your local Egyptian Embassy or Consulate General for a pre-entry tourist visa but if you are from North America, Western Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Brazil/Argentina or Hong Kong/Japan/Macau/Malaysia or Singapore you can get your tourist visa upon arrival in Egypt.

The star ratings get higher as the facilities and overall standard of the accommodation gets better and so it is easier to imagine 5 star deluxe (or any suffix added to 5 star) as being 6 star; something that those who fix the star ratings seem feared to utilise.

If you are only in Cairo for a few days it is a lot easier for you to see the sites starting from a base in Giza. The traffic from downtown to the pyramids can cause the journey to take over an hour, which means an early start if you want a full day’s experience, especially if you require to enter the Great Pyramid, when you have to be at the plateau before 0800. If you are in Cairo for a while, the hotels at the Pyramids are all on a resort basis, built in acres of land with outdoor swimming pools and relaxing areas, something which Downtown hotels cannot really provide. This is why you tend to find that the Downtown hotels are built like towers; vey tall and narrow, while Giza Pyramid hotels are limited in height, but cover more ground.

Cost also comes into the equation as a simple 4 star hotel in the Downtown area is more than often a lot dearer than a 5 star resort in the Pyramids area. Cairo is like most major cities in the world in this regard as city centre property is a lot more expensive. Though it may appear that Downtown hotels do afford the luxury of being able to wander around the area for shopping and restaurants, etc, most of the Pyramid hotels offer free shuttle buses to allow you to do the same, plus taxis are not expensive and will still work out cheaper in the end.

No, definitely not, and we would encourage you to go out and enjoy the culture of Egypt. Many packages are full board, which tends to make people think they have to stay imprisoned in their hotel, but the sites and sounds of Cairo, especially, are too great to be missed. Why stay in the same hotel, with the same faces, when you could go out and have your dinner on a cruise boat sailing around Zamalek Island, accompanied by either a belly dancer or a Whirling Dervish; or sometimes both. This is your holiday, so enjoy every minute and get out and explore.

All hotels and cruises have safety deposit boxes, sometimes even in your room/cabin. All you need do is ask at reception and they will give you instructions on how to use them, or will safely put away your valuables until you need them.

The main bus depot is called Cairo Gateway (El Torgoman) bus station and is situated just off the city centre. Any taxi will be able to take you there.

You can, but you are advised to get your tickets at least 24 hours before travel, if possible. If you wait until the last minute you may find that you cannot get seats that are next to one another, or they may even be at separate ends of the bus. Not a good idea if you have children with you.

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